Interested in vending at the 2017 Viridis Genii Symposium? Click here to fill out an application!

2017 Vendors will be announced in February!

2016 Witches Marketplace Vendors

Phlox & Figwort – Hand crafted elemental incense cones, hydrosols, smudge sticks, dream pillows, incense necklaces, loose incense, salves and smoking blends created using local wild crafted herbs specific to bio-region.

Blessed Maine Herbs – Purveyor Gail Faith Edwards will share her hand crafted Baltic Amber jewelry and medicines (tincture, oil, cream) and some incense and smudge sticks and books. Showcasing her newest publication ‘Herbal Pharmacy’ (fresh from the printers).

Crow’s Daughter – Handcrafted Nourishing Herbal Creations, salves, lotions, vinegars, tinctures, and sprays, organic and wildcrafted dry herbs by Julie Charette Nunn.

Organic Unity – Spagyric extracts for awakening for Physical rejuvenation and Spiritual
Portland Ashwagandha Farm – Spagyric tinctures from Portland grown herbs.

Quintessential Arts – Handmade fine and sterling silver jewelry. Emphasis on botanicals.

RavenCroft Garden – I work in the tradition of the wise woman herbalist and have a handful of familiar herbs from the sacred hoop I have tended for close to 30 years. Various herbal concoctions will be available from Hawthorn Flower and Fruit, Elecampane, Gingko, St Joanswort, Balm of Gilead and the Moon Flower plants of RavenCroft Gardens in tincture, oil, plant and seed form. Assorted books on Wise Woman Herbal traditions. 

Rare Earth Designs – hand crafted woodworks using a variety of rare and exotic woods to include engraved wood/leather bound journals; calligraphy pens; wands; rune sets; massage tools; drinking horns and stands; divination tools and drums. Also available for custom crafting of esoteric tools and implements.

Rosarium Blends – Alchemical Concoctions to Enliven the Senses: Handcrafted Ritual Incense Blends, Enchanting Essential Oil Blends, Talismanic Natural Perfumes, All natural Erotic Apothecary line, Talismanic Medieval Dragon’s Blood Products, Spirit Bottles, Rare Woods and Resins, and much much more.

Understory Apothecary -Understory Apothecary produces small batch tinctures of local medicinal plants. All of our medicines are wildcrafted or garden grown personally by Sean Croke and are tinctured fresh to preserve the plant’s vitality.

Wolf and Goat – Materia Magica, Occult Art and Esoterica: Unique Magical Oils, Fumigations, Charms, Spirit Fetishes, Hand-sculpted Statues and more~ We pride ourselves on exceptional handmade products made in accordance with and rooted in Tradition, and guided by the artistic innovation of true contact with the world of Spirit.