Viridis Genii Symposium FAQ

Arrival Time – Ticket holders are allowed on site for check in at 3:30 pm Friday. Please do not arrive any earlier as we will be busy getting ready for the event.

Departure Time – The close of the event is Sunday night at midnight. If you are not staying onsite you must leave the premises at this time. If you are staying on site, you must be packed and out of your room no later than 10:30am.

Check In – Tickets are will call style. There are no printed tickets, you should have received a receipt of purchase after you completed your checkout. It is a good idea to have this on file (in your phone will do) but it is not necessary. Your name will be on our master list, so when you check in we should already have your information.

Tickets/Admission – What’s Included??

The event is NOT open to the public. You MUST have purchased a ticket previously or plan to purchase one upon arrival to be on the premises.

No day passes are available.

No admission to workshops are allowed unless you have purchased a ticket and paid the additional fee for workshops.

Workshops are not included in the admission price. The admission price includes the key note lecture on Friday, 8 additional lectures, dinner Friday, Lunch Saturday & Sunday, the Saturday night social/entertainment event and Sunday night closing reception.


Three meals are included in your base ticket price. Any additional meals may be purchased for a fee. If you didn’t add additional meals to your registration, you must sign up and pay for those meals at the registration booth prior to meal.

Meals are planned according to the dietary restrictions people gave in their registration.  If you have not requested a vegetarian meal please do not eat the food labeled as such. In the past, people who chose the vegetarian option were left with very little to eat. Please be mindful of this when serving yourself in the buffet line.

Tickets for meals that were purchased in addition to your ticket price are required. You must present your meal ticket to receive a plate. Please only use one plate, as we are charged by the plate. If you go back for seconds, use the same plate.

There is an honor system coffee and tea service provided throughout the day. Please be sure to add a contribution to the donation basket if you partake of this amenity.

Weather – In years past it has been warmer than usual for the location. This year, weather reports show possible showers and rain. This is typical weather of the bio region of the  Pacific Northwest. Please be prepared for rain, sun, mosquitos, etc. Anything is possible.

Onsite Lodging
If all lodging is booked sleeping in cars is not permitted. If you did not reserve a campsite or room on the premises for the weekend you are not allowed to stay on site. Please see our location and lodging page for other options.

All rooms are equipped with clean linens and towels. You do not need to bring any of these items unless you are camping. Most houses have headlamps and fans for use.

Keys and Security for rooms – This is a closed community event. Security is lax because it has yet to become a concern. If you are worried about your belongings, please keep them with you at all times, or locked in your car. Also, there are keys to the rooms available upon request. However, if you lose the key there will be a charge to replace the key. This is closed community event, we trust that everyone in attendance is looking out for the best interest of the whole in attendance.

Each house has a kitchenette and refrigerator in the common area. No cooking is allowed in the ovens, but you may use microwave, toaster, tea kettle, etc if available. Please label any food you store in common areas.

Please be mindful of others who are staying in the same house as you. Please keep noise down to a minimum after 10pm.

Noise Curfew
Symposium Attendees are guests at the Still Meadow Retreat Center, which is also the domicile of our hosts. There are also surrounding neighbors that require us to reign in our enthusiasm in the late night hours by 12am.

Live music, acoustics instruments, and singing are not permitted outside after 10pm (unless its an event hosted by the organizers of the event). All noise is to be kept to a minimum after the witching hour (midnight).

Smoking is allowed in designated places only. Please refer to your map or inquire at the registration booth for location.

Trails and Creek
The retreat center has a myriad of beautiful trails they have created for your enjoyment. They ask that you stay on their land and do not stray from the trails. This is for your safety and ensures you don’t wind up trespassing on someone else property.

There is a creek on the premises for your enjoyment. Please use the designated trails to find it.

Please pack out anything you pack in while exploring the trails and creek. Be mindful and do not litter.

Thanks for reading through our FAQ! We are very excited to host you at the Viridis Genii Symposium. Your spirits are essential to the success of our collective growth of the Verdant Gnosis.


The symposium has limited capacity therefore we are unable to offer refunds.

All tickets, workshops and onsite lodging registrations are final.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We understand that circumstances in life ‘happen’ therefore symposium tickets and rooms are transferable. Please email us at if you need to transfer your room or admission to a friend.

The Viridis Genii is on Holiday October 31-November 12th. All orders received during this time will be shipped on November 12th. Please use coupon code 'samhain2017' to receive 15% off your order as a thank you for your patience!! Dismiss