2021 Viridis Genii VIRTUAL Symposium

July 16 – 18, 2021

Join us for the very first VGS VERDANT VIRTUAL retreat hosting lectures & hands-on workshops about the ethnobotany of plant magic, a witches market and more!

About Viridis Genii

The Viridis Genii symposium is an exploration of the greater mysteries of the Herbal Arte and how it manifests itself within all traditions, cultures and practices –the Craft of the Wise. Our desire is to move beyond the mundane and explore those mysteries in greater depth, fostering an environment where the green mysteries thrive, nourish and become one.


Presenters travel from all over the world to share their wisdom and experience with us. There are 7 lectures over the course of the weekend including the Keynote. 


Our presenters offer hands-on intensive workshops over the course of the weekend. These workshops are 1.5 – 3 hours long and may be added to your registration for an additional cost.

Witches Market

Each year we have a curated market where vendors from around the world come together to share their unique art and potions. The market is limited to 13 vendors.  

Featured Talks & Speakers

Paul Beyerl is a Master Herbalist whose research has impacted the magical herbalism community for decades. 

Giulia Turolla

Two Sticks and a Gold Ring: The use of plants in Northern Italy folk magic.

Paul Beyrl

The World of Herbal Magick: A Meta-Analysis of Twentieth-Century Ethnobotanical Research

Jesse Hathaway – Diaz

The Garden of Death: The Herbal Lore of la Santisima Muerte.

Pricing &  Registration

Tickets to the Viridis Genii Symposium are all inclusive. You may purchase your ticket in full or use a payment plan.

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