Daniel Schulke

LECTUREAxioms of Phytognosis
‘Phytognosis’ is a term coined by the author in 1998 to indicate plant-derived expansion of consciousness and sensoria. Using magical, scientific, and philosophical approaches, essential approaches to entheogenic plants are discussed, including the nature of plant divinity, and the refraction of herb numina through the vessel of the body. Angelic and demonic plant congress, and the figure of the Fool will also be discussed. Original research will be presented along with an abundance of fascinating anecdotes.

WORKSHOP: The Power of Tannins (SOLD OUT!!!)
Although not predominant among all plants, the powerful chemical group known as tannins, known for their astringency, occur in a significant number of botanical sources. As dynamic compounds active during a plant’s life and even beyond its death, they are of significant economic importance to such trades as viticulture and dyeing. Of relevance to the herbalist they are also a powerful force in the areas of medicine, and aromatic, artistic and culinary expression. This workshop will, in exploring the nature of tannins, integrate both theoretical and practical aspects, including a survey of botanical tannoids and their various esoteric applications.
Note: this class will include tasting small amounts of alcohol.
Materials Fee $15 (to be paid to presenter on day of lecture)

Daniel A. Schulke is a writer and herbalist with a background in horticulture, ethnobotany, and western herbalism. His work is focused on emerging paradigms of plant research integrating both scientific and occult perspectives. His written work has appeared in such journals as Starfire, The Cauldron, Fiddler’s Green, and Abraxas