Giulia Turolla

Lecture & Workshop Host

LECTURE: Two Sticks and a Gold Ring: The use of plants in Northern Italy folk magic.
The ancient tradition of “Segnature” is a set of magical practices (mostly oriented at healing), that have been kept secret for centuries and transmitted orally only to a few chosen people showing specific signs: in this lively tradition shamanism, herbalism, and local folklore dance with one another, bringing us back to a time and place where body, soul and spirit are one, and secret healing chants are woven in simple kitchens. A genuine Italian folk magic tradition, with roots reaching at least as far as the middle age.

Workshop: The Making of Saint John’s Water.
2 HOUR INTENSIVE  – space is limited to 40 participants

Making Saint John Water is one of the most widespread acts of herbal folk magic still practiced all over Italy.
Purification, protection and good fortune: the powers attributed to this potion are respected and sought out even today. We will explore the history and meaning of this practice, and discover how to prepare, preserve and use this powerful sacred Water.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive the most benefit from this class you must be registered no later than June 20th. Extra homework is required on your part and an important part of the work has to happen on June 24th. You will receive an email with special instructions that will outline the required preparation for this workshop by June 20th.
Materials you will need to provide on your own in time of the workshop are as follows: glass jar and alcohol. Details will be provided to you! 

No materials fee but some minor preparation on your behalf as well as supplies are required. You will
Add Giulia’s immersive virtual workshop to your registration here.

BIO: Giulia is an Italian witch, High Priestess and teacher in the Temple of Ara tradition (Tempio di Ara, in Italy). She graduated with honors in Archaeology and Ancient World Cultures from Alma Mater Studiorum –University of Bologna and her field of specialization is ancient magical/religious technology and culture. She has been leading circles for the Temple of Ara since 2008 and actively teaching study groups and advanced workshops since 2012. As an artisan, she also creates shamanic and magical tools focused on European magical traditions. Some of her work may be found at Bosco di ArtemesiA.

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