Karin Di Giacomo

KEY NOTE LECTURE: Gnosis, Magic and Alchemy -A Hermetic Perspective
Gnosis as the direct, unmediated connection with the spiritual dimension of creation is an indwelling faculty -like music – of every human being. It is immanent in our Being, an unalienable ability to directly contact the deeper and higher strata of knowing. Gnosis is also calledthe “Knowledge if the Heart” or the faculty of the higher, intuitive mind (higher manas) and it is a pure and direct path to knowing and understanding our world, our Cosmos and the myriads of forms of creation. Gnosis transcends the visible appearances, it moves us into a world of causative energies and forces and the path to their manifestation.

In Magic we work with these ‘occult’ energies and forces’ and the insights we gather in the fruit of the gnostic Tree of Knowledge. We can anchor magic in the visible world of manifestation, and “charge’ or imbue these forces into objects such as charms and Talismans, we can also work withthe sheetr forces in ritual and ceremonial magic; we can create spells and charms in written form, in the potent use of fragrance and with true dance, music and art, all of which are upstrem of the rational, linear mind.
In Alchemy, we are taking Magic a step further, aligning ourselves with the great forces of Evolution, Nature and Spirit. It is a dance between the manifest outer work and the spiritual, inner world – Ora et Labora. Alchemy constitutes an ever evolving balance towards the highest evolutionary expression of a plant Arcanum, a mystery made visible and a cure for all illness. In alchemy we use the gnostic path to applied knowledge and become co-creators through the Art. In this lecture Karin Di Giacomo will delineate the Hermetic system, which offers a simple, powerful map for occult work across all the Kingdoms of Nature.

WORKSHOP: Creating Elemental Remedies-simple,conjugated, potentized and evolved(spagyric)- 3 Hours
In this workshop participants will start with an overview of the elemental system of remedies and a definition of terms.
We will then create a ‘Simple’, i.e. a one-plant remedy in accordance with the elemental nature of the plant and in view of the desired remedial effect: tinctures, oils/ balms, charcoal and infusions. Conjugated remedies, combining two or more plants will be prepared as we combine the Simples. The next step will be demonstration of a potentized remedy and a clarification of the difference between allopathy and homeopathy. Likewise the separation and cohabation processes Spagyrics will be schematically mapped out and demonstrated. Finally we will transcend the reliance of physical plant material and use the powers of Green Magic in the creation of an elemental closing ceremony.
Material Fees: $10 (to be paid to instructor at time of class)

Karin Di Giacomo has studied Alchemy, Astrology, the Plant Kingdom and Healing for more that 50 years. She holds two Master’s Degrees (Economics and Psychology) and is a Germen Heilpraktiker (Naturopath). Her esoteric work and experience span Mysticism, Gnosis, High Magic and Hermeticism and is deeply informed by Archetypal Psychology, Visionary Art and Mythology.
She has lived and worked in Centers of consciousness like Esalen, ZIST and Crestone and has worked e.g. as an international business consultant, University lecturer and Non-Profit Manager. She has co-authored a book on Herbal Remedies for Children and extensively translated books and articles for an Anthropological Publishing House. In the 1980’s she was a founding member of the American ‘Philosophers of Nature’, making alchemical training available through correspondence courses to American students of the Art. Her translation of a book on standardization or alchemical processes supported that endeavor. For a span of time she worked with an adept to cast Astrological Talismans in the Renaissance Tradition and Memory Seals designed by the Renaissance Magus Giordano Bruno. A few of these seals will be on display at the symposium.