Payment Plans

3 Plans

We have three different payment plans we are offering this year. You may access them on the registration page. At the bottom of the page you have the option to pay in full or pay deposit. The deposit selection will show you the payment plan options. Please note: If you opt to pay with a payment plan, we ask that you pay your ticket in full before adding on workshops or the optional Monday brunch. You may not pay for these items using the plan.

All payment plans must be paid in full by July 1st.
There are no refunds on payments made if you are unable to attend or complete the payment plan.
Payment plan due dates may shift as the event date draws nearer.
Please note: Once you opt for the payment plan you will need to pay a deposit on your ticket. If you have specific dates you would like to request your future payment to be made on, contact Catamara at to make arrangements. We have to manually enter this information in and will do so upon request.

Plan options.
A. 3 PAYMENTS – 1/3 due now, then 1/3 in 2 months, then remaining 3rd in 2 months.
B. MONTHLY – 20% due now, then monthly, % due may change as the date draws nearer.
C. BI-MONTHLY – 20% down, then 10% every 2 weeks, % due may change as the date draws nearer. Note: We will not offer this option after May 1st.

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