2017 Symposium On Site Lodging

ALL ROOMS AND CAMPSITES ARE SOLD OUT!!! Please visit our location and lodging page for other nearby options. 

There are multiple dwellings on-site that each have their own unique characteristics. We have laid out the options by house and then room-types available in each.

Please Note: The capacity for our event is larger than the number of rooms the retreat center has in accommodations.  Rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and are ONLY available to be booked for the entire 3-day stay. Once they are sold out we suggest booking a room at the nearby hotel listed on our location and lodging page.

There are three types of rooms available:

PRIVATE ROOMS $90 per night, making the total $270 for the entire stay. They contain one bed and may be shared with a partner/ spouse for no additional charge.

SHARED DOUBLE ROOMS $55 per night (per person), making the total $330 for the entire stay.

DORMS are $35 per night, making the total $105 for the entire stay. Please note: We will do our best to place you with same gender in dorm rooms but cannot make any guarantees. If you wish to share a dorm with someone please make note of it and we will do our best to accommodate.

CAMPING: 10 campsites are available for $60 per space. Please view our location and lodging page for campsite details.

A 7% Oregon state lodging tax will be added at checkout to all private, shared, and dorm room pricing.

You must coordinate your own room-shares for shared double rooms or campsite. One party must pay the entire fee with their registration and supply the names of the person they are sharing with. The non-paying parties must specify who the paying-party is for their room.