The Making of Saint John’s Water w/ Giulia Turolla


Workshop: The Making of Saint John’s Water

2 HOUR INTENSIVE w/ Giulia Turolla  – space is limited to 40 participants
Making Saint John Water is one of the most widespread acts of herbal folk magic still practiced all over Italy.
Purification, protection and good fortune: the powers attributed to this potion are respected and sought out even today. We will explore the history and meaning of this practice, and discover how to prepare, preserve and use this powerful sacred Water.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive the most benefit from this class you must be registered no later than June 20th. An important part of the work has to be done on June 24th. You will receive an email with special instructions that will outline the required preparation for this workshop by June 20th.
Materials you will need to provide on your own in time of the workshop are as follows: glass jar and alcohol. Details will be provided to you! 

No materials fee but some minor preparation on your behalf as well as supplies are required. You will
Visit Giulia’s presenter page to learn more about him and the lecture she will be presenting at the 2021 VGS.

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