Methods of Purifying the Body and Soul in Ozark Folk Healing w/ Brandon Weston


Workshop: Methods of Purifying the Body and Soul in Ozark Folk Healing

2 HOUR INTENSIVE w/ Brandon Weston – space is limited to 20 participants

Working off of themes presented in the lecture, we will be looking at the three major methods of magical cleansing and purifying in Ozark traditional healing: water, fire, and purgatives. Water includes washing the body in herbal mixtures chosen for their quality to remove malign curses. Fire and smoke uses traditional Ozark fumigants like red cedar, tobacco, and asafetida to purify both the body and the environment. And with purgatives we will look at gentle purging plants like sassafras, burdock, and dandelion root, often mixed with soothing plants like horsemint or catnip. Participants will learn a simple and non-vomit inducing cleansing ritual that they can easily replicate on their own. Other methods covered by the workshop include: tying off curses with string, counting down rituals, sweeping off hexes with a broom, and more.

There is an optional workshop kit that can be purchased for $15 plus shipping which will include Ozark native plants for cleansing baths, drinks, and fumigation, as well as a detailed booklet of the recipes and rituals covered by the class. A simple pdf guide to the workshop will be provided to participants for no additional fee.

$45 plus
$15 materials fee and shipping (optional)
***Must be registered by June 1st to received materials in time of workshop. Materials are not mandatory to attend the workshop. You may register after June 1st but materials will receive the materials after the event.
Visit Brandon’s presenter page to learn more about him and the lecture he will be presenting at the 2021 VGS.


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