Verdant Gnosis V3


Verdant Gnosis: Cultivating the Green Path Volume 3

Edited by Catamara Rosarium, Marcus McCoy,
and Jenn Zahrt, PhD

VERDANT GNOSIS is a poetic rendering of the Latin expression, Viridis Geniii, which refers to the collective spiritual intelligence of our botanical environment. Viridis means ‘green, verdant, growing’—all that is lush and nourishing; while genii is the origin of the words ‘genius’ and ‘genie’—the spirit, daemon, or guiding intelligence of an entity. Viridis Genii—the verdant gnosis—is thus the spiritual path of working with the intelligence of living nature.

Within this third volume you will find a selection of international authorities on the Green Way, ranging from professional plant alchemists, shamanic herb-masters, to bioregional animists. Herein you will learn the ways in which you can communicate deeply with the mysterious intelligence of the plant kingdom, breaking down the barriers of anthropocentric thinking that separate humanity from nature. Volume three presents a thread of material focusing on curses, roots, and the doctrine of signatures.

Verdant Gnosis: Cultivating the Green Path presents selected articles from the third annual Viridis Genii Symposium at the Still Meadow Retreat Center in Damascus, Oregon (Friday 9 June—Sunday 11 June, 2017). For more information on the symposium, its featured presenters, and workshops, please visit the Viridis Genii Symposium website.

Table of Contents

—Catamara Rosarium, Marcus McCoy, and Jenn Zahrt, PhD

Plants Used in Cursing Magic: Northwestern Traditions in Folk Practices
—Corinne Boyer

Symphonica: Black Henbane and the Choirs of the Dead
—Cody Dickerson

Putting the Root Back into Rootwork
—Demetrius Lacroix

Appalachian Roots: The Folk Magical and Medicinal uses of Plant Roots in Appalachia
—Rebecca Beyer

Disease Transference: Plants as Scapegoats in Folk Medicine
—Jeremy Bechelli, PhD

Beyond Correspondences: Unearthing the Philosophical and Theoretical Logic in Agrippa’s System of Magic
—Eric Purdue

AlcheMycology: Applying Alchemical Principles to the Fungal Queendom
—Jason Scott

Compounding Herbs by Eye
—Robert Allen Bartlett

Volume 3 also features original artwork by Willow Davidson, Jason Scott, and Morgan Singer.

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