Richard Spelker

Lecture & Workshop Host

LECTURE: The Making of Magical Inks.
Magical Inks have been used by magical workers since ancient times. Given the interest in using ink for magical working, where is the practitioner to go? After 25 years of research, I have discovered that old recipe books and manuscripts are rife with misinformation. Even scholars who are unfamiliar with ink chemistry has repeated these mistakes. By characterizing inks known to be of good quality and comparing them to other recipes, one can discern a quality ink that dignifies their work. By preserving the material and color of plants one can elevate the botanical spirt to the next level of their skill and with other materials perhaps bring their work to a new life.

Workshop: Making of Magical Inks.
Participants in this workshop will cook up various historical writing inks for magical purposes. We will consider, prepare, cook up and bottle several writing inks. Participant will take away useful information on preparing these ink plus several more recipes that can be made at one’s leisure.
$10 materials Fee

BIO: Richard Spelker is an independent researcher who has been researching the history of artist materials for over 25 years. He has collected over 1000 historical writing ink recipes including many for magical inks. He has given many ink making classes over the years, such as the San Francisco Friends of Calligraphy, The San Francisco Center for the Book and the National Paper and Book Intensive. He has a BFA from the University of Minnesota in studio arts and art history.

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