Or 2019 Marketplace Vendors will be announced in the coming months.
If you are interested in vending at the VGS, we have a few spaces left!  Please follow this link for more information.


2018 Witches Marketplace Vendors

Black Earth Botanica – Astrological and elemental anointing oils, runic healing tinctures, incense “spell sticks” and bath salts.

Little Gold Fox Designs – Nature-based original artwork printed on gift items including prints, cards, bookmarks, jewelry, and Tshirts.

Occvlta – Incenses, herbal talismans, rosaries, and smoking blends.

Quintessential Arts – Handmade fine and sterling silver jewelry. Emphasis on botanicals.

Rare Earth Designs – hand crafted woodworks using a variety of rare and exotic woods to include engraved wood/leather bound journals; calligraphy pens; wands; rune sets; massage tools; drinking horns and stands; divination tools and drums. Also available for custom crafting of esoteric tools and implements.

Rosarium Blends – Alchemical Concoctions to Enliven the Senses: Handcrafted Ritual Incense Blends, Enchanting Essential Oil Blends, Talismanic Natural Perfumes, All natural Erotic Apothecary line, Talismanic Medieval Dragon’s Blood Products, Spirit Bottles, Rare Woods and Resins, and much much more.

Wild Craft Leather – Wildcraft leather specialises in bespoke harvesting belts, bags and journals with the occasional oddities depending on the artists nimble whim. This year we will be rolling in with leather wildcrafting belts, designed to hold your hips snugly while carting all essential tools over mountain peeks and through swamped bogs of magical violets as well as hippish belts for everyday wear and astral travels. Every now and then wildcraft leather goes deep underground, through the roots of mother elder and uncovers an image that is sequestered there. If we are lucky to find reentry we then tattoo the leather journal covers, designed to last the many ages of man (so not so long hah!) ok designed to last beyond the age of man. The art is strange and mysterious and each one has an owner waiting unknown. Specially for this occasion, dearest, we have wondered into decorating the layers of nesting dolls to bind, wind, commit and set free and the flying broom stick of yore with polished woods and unguents.

Wolf and Goat – Materia Magica, Occult Art and Esoterica: Unique Magical Oils, Fumigations, Charms, Spirit Fetishes, Hand-sculpted Statues and more~ We pride ourselves on exceptional handmade products made in accordance with and rooted in Tradition, and guided by the artistic innovation of true contact with the world of Spirit.

If you are interested in vending at the VGS, we have a few spaces left!  Please follow this link for more information.